The Pegasus Awards

The Destroyer

Bill Roper

Pegasus Nominations

Year Category
2007 Best Dorsai Song
2006 Best Battle Song


The Destroyer

Words and Music 1979 Bill Roper
All Rights Reserved- Lyrics posted with permission of the author

Based on Tam Olyn from Gordon R. Dickson's Soldier Ask Not.

Dark I grew in the house of my uncle.
Dark I grew in his presence so black.
Dark I grew as the years they passed by me.
Dark I grew till twas no turning back.

I am the Destroyer!
I, the wrecker of worlds!
I, the rider of lightning!
As the storm around me swirls.

Came the day when I saw what was hidden.
Came the day when I learned of my power.
Used its force and drove my sister from me,
Breaking her heart in the very same hour.

I went out and I cruised on the star lanes,
Bending my power to my chosen career.
Silver tongued, I'd peer into a man's soul
And tear him apart with the things he held dear.


I walked many worlds as I worked as a Newsman.
Then I came to New Earth to cover their war.
Found my sister's husband there among the drafted levees
And swore I'd repay her for the things I'd done before.

I worked my will upon his commander
And had young David assigned as my aide.
At my side, he'd be safe from the battle.
A small gift from me to the sister I'd betrayed.


Our air car downed, we found a group of soldiers
And stayed with them as they fought the Friendly foe.
But a shot through my knee left me half crazed and crippled
And I could not stay with them when the time came to go.

The Friendlies found us and they took David prisoner,
But I was a Newsman, so I was safe from harm.
And that damned Friendly groupman, he massacred the prisoners
And he left David with me to die in my arms.


I went to my sister to tell her what had happened,
But she just stared through me and sent me away.
Though it was not my fault, she called me Destroyer
And I lost the last thing that I loved on that day.

And I thought long on the mad dogs of the Friendlies
And then I knew, in my power, I held the key
To take revenge and smash the Friendly culture.
If I shall not have love, then Destroyer I shall be!



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