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Go Home

Mich Sampson & Marilisa Valtazanou

Pegasus Nominations

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2007 Best Song of Home

Go Home

words © Mich Sampson & Marilisa Valtazanou,
Parody of ‘Home’ by Rand Bellavia and Adam English
Used by permission

I know a place where you can go;
Take some advice from one who knows you.
I want to be the one who shows you
The door’s over there, now kindly leave our home.

I know a place where you can live;
I want to be the one who gives you
All the cards and tatty gifts
You gave to me –now kindly take them home.

I don’t want to be your summer fling.
I don’t care if you buy a diamond ring.
I don’t want to be your sex toy
(okay, I’d kinda like to be your sex toy)
But anything that you do I don’t care
-I’ve made up my mind and now I’m going home.

You’re the one I’ll lie to,
You’re the one I’ll say goodbye to.
You’re not the one I want to be Mr Right to,
As long as you’re around I’d rather be alone.

You’re the one I’ll fight with
–find someone else to spend the night with.
If I’m gonna spite, you’re the one I wanna spite; with
You around, I’d rather stay at home.

And even though we’ve had our doubts,
I know we’ll work them out,
And so, though you think I should go,
I’ve made my space.
Just say you hate (love) me every day
–I’m here to stay, ‘cause after all –it’s home.


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