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Drink to the Health of the Dorsai

Marty Burke

Pegasus Nominations

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2007 Best Dorsai Song

Drink to the Health of the Dorsai

Lyrics Copyright © by Marty Burke- All rights Reserved
Used by Permission
Music: "The Work of the Weavers"

We're all here together to drink and to fight,
With our power on our backs, and our weapons in plain sight.
There's not a man among 'em could back us down tonight,
As we drink to the health of the Dorsai!

If it wasn't for the Dorsai, what would you do?
Ye wouldna' have your freedom to take a drink or two.
Ye wouldna' have the choice of the Devil or the Blue,
If it wasna' for the work of the Dorsai!

There's gunners and there's dirkmen and there's lasermen and all,
There's guards and paid assassins, and gutter-fighters tall.
We're drinkin' tonight before a planetfall,
And we'll drink to the health of the Dorsai!

You think you're all secure and your shields will save your life,
But a Dorsai gamma-gun will catch you in your lies.
We're strong and gifted warriors and proud to bear the signs,
That separate mere men from the Dorsai!


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