The Pegasus Awards

Second Hand Songs

Jonathan Turner

Pegasus Award

Award Year Category
2013 Best Classic Filk Song

Pegasus Nominations

Year Category
2007 Best Filk Song


Second-Hand Songs

Words and Music 1998 Jonathan Turner
All Rights Reserved- Lyrics posted with permission of the author

Scanning channels on the radio
I hear what's hip and what's new
I don't pay too much attention
They're not expecting me to
You are not meant to listen
You are just meant to hear
Just get into the beat, just keep tapping your feet
Then forget it next year

I sing second-hand songs
Tunes polished by time
The lyrics aren't fancy
And they don't always rhyme
The chords are all simple
My voice may not be strong
But I learned joy and grief, love and sorrow and peace
From these second-hand songs

There are songs you can't dance to
Songs that haven't got drums
Songs that last seven minutes
Songs that every child hums
There are songs where you listen
Not just lie back and hear
There are songs for the singing, our voices all ringing With laughter and tears


So we gather 'round campfires
And in living rooms too
And we don't quit our day jobs
We're not hip and not new
We don't expect to be famous
We know we can't right all wrongs
But if we touch some hearts then we're doing our part
With our second-hand songs

CHORUS (We sing ...)



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