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Siren Song

Michelle Dockrey & Tony Fabris

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2018 Best Classic Filk Song


Siren Song

Copyright © by Michelle Dockrey & Tony Fabris
Used by permission - All Rights Reserved

Oh, I'm just a singer from out on the coast
Doing concerts wherever they're hirin'
But good work's hard to find when your name is maligned
So unkind is the life of a Siren!

It's not easy to shake off your lineage
I know everyone runs from their past
But it's not every artist whose record store deals
Involve tying execs to a mast
My mother won't come to my concerts
And she knows that she's wasting her breath
Still she begs me return to a good honest life
Of beckoning men to their death

Oh I feel like a salmon who's swimming upstream
And I'll tell you, the journey is tirin'
So you think it's a splash? You'd be dead in a flash!
Show compassion if you meet a Siren

I'm thinking of firing my agent
His business sense isn't quite sound
He booked me to play at the Lincoln Memorial
And half of the audience drowned
I once worked a Holiday Cruise line
But I took international heat
Just for pulling some whalers a smidgeon off course
And the bulk of the Soviet fleet

Oh, how can I keep up a singing career
If my fanboys are always expirin'
I'm accused of assault, but it isn't my fault!
Oy, gevalt! For the life of a Siren

The girls I meet all think it's glamorous
Making guys fall at your feet
It's not pretty at all when the amorous fall
Begins twenty floors up from the street
Oh and don't even mention Odysseus
To a hardworking singer like me
Now how would you feel if some out-of-town jerk
Tried to sneak in your concert for free?

Oh my days are as filled with great woes and great ills
As anything written by Byron
If you think that it's grand, you can talk to the hand
Understand what it's like for a Siren

So I cancelled all maritime venues
Things began to go passably well
I played Burning Man, Farm-Aid, the Winter Olympics,
Some lip-synching on SNL
But now just when I think of relaxing
My agent is back in the saddle
I've got a world tour, and the cities for sure
Include Venice, Dubai, and Seattle!

Oh, they say it's not over 'til you-know-who sings
So you might as well bring the whole choir in
'Cause my sisters are jacked to get in on the act
And Poseidon is looking to handle my bookings
Next month I'll email ya from Sidney, Australia
To regale ya with tales of a Siren!


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