The Pegasus Awards

2004 Nominees


Best Filk Song
A Thousand Ships Katy Dröge and Juliane Honisch
The Lady Jodi Krangle
Po' Boys Marty Coady Fabish
Rocket Ride Tom Smith
Uplift Andrew Eigel
Best Classic Filk Song
Black Davie's Ride Cynthia McQuillin
Don't Push That Button Duane Elms
Ladyhawke! Julia Ecklar
Nessie Come Up Dr. Jane Robinson
Never Set the Cat On Fire Frank Hayes
Best Performer
Jeff and Maya Bohnhoff
Chris Conway
Dr. Mary Crowell
Ookla the Mok
Urban Tapestry
Best Writer/Composer
Chris Conway
Blake Hodgetts
Talis Kimberley
Kathy Mar
Debbie Ridpath Ohi
Best Comic Book Song
Arthur Curry Rand Bellavia / Adam English
Catatonia County Rag Julia Ecklar and Leslie Fish
Elektra's Song Chris Malme
Superman's Midlife Crisis Joe Giacoio
When I Grow Up Dr. Mary Crowell
Best Tribute
A Simple Country Doctor Matt Leger
Dangerous Heroes Michael Longcor
Half A Chance Bill Roper
Howie in Waltz Time Cat Faber
I Want to be Peter Lorre Tom Smith


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