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Howie in Waltz Time

Cat Faber

Pegasus Nominations

Year Category mp3
2004 Best Tribute


Howie in Waltz Time

lyrics and melody Copyright ©2004 by Cat Faber - All Rights Reserved
Used by permission

Here in the program I see they announce,
He used to be Tigger, all sparkle and bounce.
The patter, the riffs, made a splendid design,
But Howie in waltz time is perfectly fine.

Howie in waltz time is fortune indeed.
Just take it easy as long as you need.
Wrapped in good wishes, our hopes you fulfill,
For Howie in waltz time is joy's music still.

We hear that you hardly get out anymore.
Against the cold winter you've shut your front door.
The curtains are drawn it is gathering night,
Yet Howie in waltz time is warmth, and is light.


Howie in waltz time is reason to show
A whole new technique when you're playing it slow;
More time lets the audience, singing along
Find harmony lines that support the whole song.



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