The Pegasus Awards

Marty Coady Fabish, DI IF


Pegasus Nominations

Year Category Song
2013 Best Fairytale Song Po' Boys
2006 Best Torch Song Po' Boys
2004 Best Filk Song Po' Boys



Marty Coady Fabish attended her first science fiction convention in 1974. The following year, she attended her first filk circle, and soon found herself living the semi-dazzling, quasi-glamorous life of a first-round draft choice of the Dorsai Irregulars, sleeping in bathtubs and getting cropped out of photographs in Time Magazine. She has studied improvisation at Chicago's famed Second City, was one of the founding members of Chicago's somewhat slightly less-famed Moebius Theatre, and has been described by various well-compensated biographers as "the Muse of the Midwest", "the only Dashiell Hammett heroine I've ever met personally" and "a blues voice to make a bishop kick a hole in a stained-glass window."

By day, Marty is the office manager for a psychology practice, working with fellow fan Dr. Kelley Mathews Higgins. In her free time, she pursues a relentless, ongoing quest for the recipe with Too Much Chocolate.


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