The Pegasus Awards

When I Grow Up

Dr. Mary Crowell

Pegasus Nominations

Year Category
2004 Best Comic Book Song

When I Grow Up

Copyright ©2001 by Mary Crowell - All Rights Reserved
Used by permission

When I grow up
I wanna be
The girl in a sequined gown
With a bunny rabbit married to me.

I know you think
IĦm just a loon,
But sheĦs got great sex appeal --
That hair, those gams, that toon.

SheĦs not bad; they just draw her that way
Posing and pouting her lips.
SheĦs peeking out from under her Veronica Lake,
Gloved hands resting on hips.

She loves her spouse,
Her bunny half.
He loves her a thousand ways,
But his favorite one is making her laugh.

SheĦll use rough means
To save her man.
When he heads into danger,
She whacks him in the brain with a pan.


The private Dick
Thought she was vile,
But 'though he caught her playing patty cake
He couldnĦt help but admire her style.

Her heart is gold
(Looks like a jade.)
Even then if you asked around,
Roger Rabbit has got it made.


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