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The Lady

Jodi Krangle

Pegasus Award

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2004 Best Filk Song The Lady

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2003 Best Filk Song
2002 Best Filk Song  
1999 Best Filk Song  
When I first saw the movie, "Interview With A Vampire", I was very struck with the images of the movie - particularly, the image of a white ship taking Louis and Claudia from the New World to the Old. I began to speculate about what might happen during their trip (though none of this actually happened in the movie) and "The Lady" is what came of that speculation. Urban Tapestry recorded this song on our 1997 CD, "Myths & Urban Legends" with Tom Jeffers (bass), Dave Clement (lead guitar) & Kylea Fulton (penny whistle) adding their considerable talents as guest performers on the track. - Jodi Krangle

The Lady

Copyright ©1995 by Jodi Krangle
1995 (SOCAN)
Lyrics posted with permission of the author

The white ship goes wandering upon the dark waves,
In the summer it left from the shore
Many a husband and many a son
Have departed with her once before.

But the Lady is faithful, she rides the bright sea
Her bowing is graceful, full of dignity
She speeds 'cross the water, the wind at her back
And the crew hopes she'll carry them home

The Captain takes passengers on in the night
From the New World they sail to the Old
The gentleman smiles to the Captain and crew
But the little girl's gaze is ice cold

The Lady is faithful, she sails bravely on
Though when daylight arrives, her new boarders are gone...
The Captain shrugs carelessly pocketing gold
That he'll spend if he ever sees home

Dark down below
Where no one dares go...

The ship is far cleaner than ever before
For the vermin have left her in peace
A strange fog has risen to blanket the deck
And the crew catch a wasting disease

Still the Lady is faithful, the oceans she'll tame
Both the dead and the living she carries the same
She speeds 'cross the water, winds urging her on
And the crew knows she'll never see home.


The ghost ship floats gently to stop at a port
Though the sails have been left to fly free
Deep in the night something slips from the deck
And blends with the human debris.

But the Lady stayed faithful, embracing her crew
Though their days of fast living were certainly through...
And what they delivered, they never knew
As their ship came to rest far from home.

And the Lady would never more roam.


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