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Superman's Midlife Crisis

Joe Giacoio

Pegasus Nominations

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2004 Best Comic Book Song  

Superman's Midlife Crisis

Words and Music Copyright © by Joe Giacoio - All Rights Reserved
Used by permission

Superman waits at an airport
Watching the outbound flights
He remembers the day when he first broke free
When the ground fell away like a trick of the light

But now he only flies when saves up the miles
He watches his weight, his cholesterol
Because he traded his tights for blue pin stripes
And no one calls him Superman anymore

Up, Up, and Away, TWA
I used to fly free at night
But love is kryptonite
Who'd believe I'd give that all away?

Now he turns around to an old reflex
A young girl's heart beats an SOS
So he whips off his glasses, sets his collar free
And says, "This is a job for who I used to be".

He still wears his cape hidden under his clothes
Just in case, but this time he knows
You can't turn back the clock for a quick trip home
And you can't change clothes behind a cellular phone


But Spiderman took a job in accounting
Now he only punches 9 to 5
Batman sold his soul
For a leading man role
And it's no fun playing make believe
When your friends grow up and move away

Superman feels the beat
Of a question mark, where an "S" used to be
When the luggage starts to twirl around
And he feels two hearts seek him out In the crowd

"Daddy, Oh, how we missed you
We flew all the way, just like you
Won't you tell me your stories again tonight?"
As his fears fall away like a trick of the light

Up, up and away
Lois Lane
Because in her heart he flies
She'll call him Superman tonite
You know he'll never give this all away


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