The Pegasus Awards

Heather Dale IF AHoF



Pegasus Awards

Award Year Category Collaboration Song
2020 Best Filk Song   Mordred's Lullaby
2018 Best Road Trip Song   The Road to Santiago
2013 Best Filk Song w/ Ben Deschamps Joan
2011 Best Romantic Song   As I Am
2010 Best Writer/Composer  
2009 Best Performer w/ Ben Deschamps  

Pegasus Nominations

Year Category Collaboration Song
2011 Best Filk Song w/ Ben Deschamps Joan
2008 Best Performer    
2005 Best Performer    
2005 Best Writer/Composer    
Once a musical wanderer, Heather Dale is putting down roots these days. But it's a beautiful opportunity to record, record, record in the new dedicated studio room she and Ben Deschamps have set up. She released her 20th(!) album "Sphere" in 2019, and she is slowly unfolding a new musical project called "Incantations" through a set of gorgeous videos at YouTube/HeatherDaleMusic. In 2020, Heather was inducted into the Hall of Fame for the Canadian Science Fiction & Fantasy Association.







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