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Sibylle Machat IF HoF



Pegasus Nominations

Year Category Song
2017 Best Classic Filk Song Evil Eyeball
2011 Most Badass Song Evil Eyeball
2008 Best Comedy Song Evil Eyeball

Sibylle Machat (or, in short: Sib) has been involved in the German filk community for well over a decade, which she discovered via tapes bought at a Star Trek convention, back when she went to such events. She's been a regular attendee of both German and British filk conventions and is trying to make her way to one even further afield at least every other year, as time, job and money permit.

While music was not a central aspect of Sib's upbringing or an early passion for her, she was reportedly able to sing along (if the reproduction of all lyrics as "diddy diddy no no no me babe" counts as 'singing along,' that is) with her dad's Johnny Cash tapes in the car at a rather early age. She has, suffice to say, expanded her repertoire somewhat since then. The current state of Sib's musicality includes being able to play the guitar, trying to teach herself the keyboard, and having produced an assortment of songs she vaguely hopes are funny.

Sib lives in northern Germany right now, where she teaches American Studies at the University of Flensburg, is writing her PhD, and does not get to spend enough time sailing.

This is Sib's third Pegasus nomination and she's a strange mix of baffled, delighted, and speechless about it.

If you want to know more about Sib, visit her website:


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