The Pegasus Awards

Kathleen Sloan HoF IFD


Pegasus Award

Award Year Category Song
2023 Best Adapted Song Meat
2016 Best Classic Filk Song Take It Back

Pegasus Nominations

Year Category Song
2015 Best Adapted Song Meat
2014 Best Adapted Song Meat
2013 Best Alien Song Meat
2010 Best Filk Song Take It Back
2009 Best Filk Song Take It Back

Kathleen “Catalogue Queen” Sloan has been a filker since she attended her first filk during a tornado watch at Marcon in 1976 (the stairwell acoustics were great!) She is originally from Ohio and was able to attend the first OVFF in Cincinnati. After spending years as a listener and singing the occasional harmony, Kathleen started performing more after she moved to Denver, Colorado in 1989. Since then she has been a fixture at many North American Filkcons (and gotten to Germany twice too!) and since 1994 has been known for her role as an Interfilk director and auction wench. In 2007 she was inducted into the Filk Hall of Fame.

Though not a prolific songwriter, Kathleen has written a few notable songs including Magic to Me, Take It Back, and of course Meat, which is why you are reading this bio now. Meat is very heavily derived from the Terry Bisson story of the a similar title. When asked permission for that song to be on the Concertino convention CD he reportedly replied " I am honored to be so honored".


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