The Pegasus Awards

Deborah Linden IF


Pegasus Nominations

Year Category Collaboration Song
2014 Best Adapted Song Debs & Errol TIE After TIE

Deborah Linden (Debs) was born in Toronto and spent her childhood just north of it in a suburb called Thornhill. She is the more serious half of the duo Debs & Errol.

Growing up, her musical mosaic was choral and classical with a dash of the theatrical. Her parents both come from musical families, which meant that piano lessons happened at a very early age. She picked up a guitar later and though she took a few classes in her early teens she is largely self-taught. Vocally, she did some musical theatre and also jumped into every ensemble she could including a cappella groups, vocal jazz and lots and lots and lots of choir.

Debs started writing in 2007 after discovering February Album Writing Month (, an online songwriting challenge where participants are encouraged to write 14 songs in 28 days. The following year, she did a song-a-week project called Monday’s Music, where she posted a new original song every Monday.

It was about this time that she met Errol and the rest, as we say, is history!



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