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Everybody Dies

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2021 Best Cheery-Ose Song mp3

Everybody Dies

Copyright ©by The PDX Broadsides- All Rights Reserved
Used by Permission

I love to watch my Game of Thrones - by far my favorite show
But if you haven't seen it and know nothing like Jon Snow
I'm happy to give you some pointers
Game rules, as it were
The first thing that you really ought to know:

Everybody dies
Everybody dies
You'll see their headless corpses covered with flies
No matter if they're good or bad
Stand tall or small in size
There's one thing you will find
Everybody dies

The second thing I'll share with you is no one ever shares
Your best friend will betray you even though he says he cares
The only person you can trust is
One who's in the grave
Be careful, its a rotten world out there

Everybody lies
Everybody lies
You'll see their smiling faces are a disguise
They'll promise you a castle
And then stab you in the eyes
There's one thing you will find
Everybody lies

The final thing to teach you, if I'm put under duress:
You'll never have to wait for long to see someone undress
You might glimpse Theon's Greyjoy
Or a Lannister's white bum
But one fact simply can't be overstressed:

Everybody's boobs
Everybody's boobs
You'll see them stripped from dresses down to their pubes
The writers have to show 'em all,
Main characters and newbs
There's one thing you will see
Everybody's boobs
(Lemme take that back)
There's two things you will see
Everybody's boobs
(And now you're done)
In the game of boobs and lies everybody dies!


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