The Pegasus Awards

Solar Gypsy

Diana Huey

Pegasus Nominations

Year Category
2002 Best Filk Song

I wrote 'Solar Gypsy" for the FilKONtario 9 songwriting contest (the theme was To Space!). Although I'd been around the filk-block for nearly nine years at that point, songwriting was still fairly new to me; I'm not a prolific writer. I was very pleased & stunned that it won first place that year.

This song was captured live (in full stereophonic terror) on the FKO 9 CD Filk Dreams. You can also find the chords & lyrics in FKO Years 9 & 10 compilation songbook. - Diana Huey

Solar Gypsy

words and music: ©1/10/1999 Diana Huey- All Rights Reserved
Lyrics posted with permission from the author

No tree was ever tall enough
To let me touch the sky
No wish born of a shooting star
Gave me wings so I could fly
But this ship of steel is all I need
To make my way with greatest speed
So bear me outward, Solar Steed–
‘To Space!’ will be our cry
Silver wings let me fly

My people are a mystery
We wander o’er the land
We don’t settle like good, "decent" folk
We’re like the shifting sand
They’ve named us evil & unclean
‘Cause we’ve magic like they’ve never seen
So bear us outward, Solar Steed–
In space, we’ll make our stand
With silver wings at our command

To space we’ll fly to worlds unknown
In space we’ll try to find our home

We’re peaceful folk, we seek no harm
It’s balance for which we strive
What choice have we but flee or fight
If we want to stay alive?
They see us only through their greed
They strike us down until we bleed
So bear us outward, Solar Steed–
Our revenge is that we’ll thrive
With silver wings, we will survive


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