The Pegasus Awards

Diana Huey IF



Pegasus Nominations

Year Category Song
2002 Best Filk Song Solar Gypsy
1998 Best Writer/Composer  

Diana Huey (generally known for the 'Debutante Wave' & occasionally known for her hospitality) has been filking since 1990. She credits Shelby Bartellis with having the courage to gift her with her first guitar & the will to give her the kick in the ankle she needed to rekindle her love for making music. And she credits Judith Hayman with encouraging her to write songs.

While it is true that Diana has vaguely... mostly... nearly-permanently... semi-retired from the OVFF concom (motherhood) and mostly completely from stage performance (carpal tunnel), it is not true that she has disappeared from filking altogether. She is pleased to represent InterFilk in the midwest, and may at some point in the near future resume the hosting of housefilks.


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