The Pegasus Awards

1998 Nominees

Best Filk Song
Edward Kathy Mar
Sam's Song Soren and Zander Nyrond
Velvet Talis Kimberley
When I Was A Boy Frank Hayes
The Word of God Cat Faber
Best Performer
Dandelion Wine
Echo's Children
Talis Kimberley
Steve Macdonald
Ookla The Mok
Best Writer/Composer
Bob Kanefsky
Cat Faber
Diana Huey
Paul Kwinn
Talis Kimberley
Best Myth Song
Bermuda Triangle Tom Smith
Captain Jack & The Mermaid Meg Davis
Cold Butcher Steve Macdonald
Midsummer Heather Alexander
Nessie Come Up Dr. Jane Robinson
Best Adaptation
Demonsbane Heather Alexander and Mercedes Lackey
Female of the Species Leslie Fish and Rudyard Kipling
Herbs & Simples Buck Coulson and Martha Keller
Mary O'Meara Poul Anderson and Anne Passovoy
Smuggler's Song Michael Longcor and Rudyard Kipling


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