The Pegasus Awards

Many Hearts, One Voice

Steve Macdonald

Pegasus Award

Award Year Category
2018 Best Song About Community


Many Hearts, One Voice

Copyright © 2000 by Steve Macdonald
Used by permission - All Rights Reserved

Once again we've come to gather
Greeting friends, both new-found and old
Sharing songs that laugh
Even sharing songs that cry
All night through, emotions high

Many lives we bring together
Many creeds, many ways to be
Performers, listeners
Along with those who tape it all
All belong, and hear the call...

Sing- let your heart be in it
Dance- let your soul ring out
Sing- raise the ceiling higher
Dance- remove all doubt
We belong together
Our paths the same by choice
Many hearts, One Voice

Razor wit, and sharper eyes
Seeing irony even when disguised
Nothing sacred do we hold
New tune or recycled old
Laughing as the songs unfold

Dragons, fairies, elves, and unicorns
Whole worlds there of whimsy born
Songs of fantasy
Forests, castles, skies, and seas
A magic real to you and me


Frontiers stretch out above us
Dreams that fly with the stars
Inspire and lift our spirits
Fly through countless galaxies
The Harbors wait- feel their Call

Instrumental (or Chorus)

Singing songs that touch the heart strings
Morose or tender, or styled by Kipling
Through catharsis pain
Emotion shared, soul-touching gain
Heart to heart, mind to mind

All the world shares a symphony
Dreaming dreams, making thoughts come real
Bound together by many hearts
We all strive to do our part
Celebrate and join the song-



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