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Mommy Can I Have a Spaceship?

Joey Shoji

Pegasus Nominations

Year Category Sample
2019 Best Family Song
2018 Best Classic Filk Song  
1987 Best Filk Song  


Mommy, Can I Have A Spaceship?

Copyright © by Joey Shoji
Lyrics posted by permission of the author - All Rights Reserved

Mommy, can I have a spaceship so I can go to the moon and back?
Daddy, can you build it with lots of lights and dials?
Then I can fly all over and visit all the stars.
Can I have a spaceship?

Mommy, my friends all tease me for wanting to become an astronaut.
Daddy, the books all tell me how exciting it could be.
But space is full of dangers and explorers must beware.
Is it dumb to want to be one?

Mom, you've been so helpful in letting me learn all I can.
Dad, you're always saying, "You cannot know too much."
The mysteries Id' like to solve are those in outer space.
I think that I can make it.

Mother, I've come to tell you my dream will finally be fulfilled
Father, I've been accepted to journey to the stars.
The years of study reward me with my childhood fantasy.
So much to learn and discover, to be wehre I've always wanted to be.
Thank you for letting me hope, and though I may never see you again
In my heart both of you will be exploring with me.
I'm going out there -- now!


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