The Pegasus Awards

Joey Shoji


Pegasus Awards

Award Year Category Song
1996 Best Eerie Song Bloodchild

Pegasus Nominations

Year Category Song
2019 Best Family Song Mommy Can I Have a Spaceship?
2018 Best Classic Filk Song Mommy Can I Have a Spaceship?
1989 Best Filk Song Bloodchild
1987 Best Filk Song Mommy Can I Have a Spaceship?
1987 Best Performer  
1987 Best Ose, Ose, and More-Ose Song Bloodchild
1986 Best Filksinger, Male  


Joey Shoji wrote a Star Trek-related parody of a classic barbershop song ("You're the starship of my heart, Sweet Enterprise") and tried to force his high school quartet to sing it. A year or two later he attended his first Star Trek/science/science fiction convention, but didn't discover filk until a small convention a couple of years after that (Cynthia McQuillin! Jordin Kare!). A regular back-up vocalist for early Off Centaur Publications studio recordings, he also supported projects by Wail Songs and Thor Records. Wrote filks, too.

Despite having attended over 20 Worldcons, Joey is still the geeky fanboy, excited to meet authors and get books signed. He is also fond of chocolate, wine, and single malt Scotch whisky (but is open to other spirits!).


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