The Pegasus Awards

1986 Nominees


Best Original Filk Song
Horse of Silver Gold Bill Roper
Planet Called Melody Bill Roper
Starship & Haiku Kathy Mar
Time and Stars Sharon Porath
Witnesses Waltz Leslie Fish
Best Filksinger, Male
Frank Hayes
Murray Porath
Bill Roper
Joey Shoji
Bill Sutton
Best Filksinger, Female
Leslie Fish
Diana Gallagher
Kathy Mar
Margaret Middleton
Mary Ellen Wessels
Best Parody
Daddy's Little Boy Murray Porath
God Lives On Tully Bill Maraschiello
I'm Sorry Cathy It Just Popped Out Jane Mailander
Kinda Mediocre Actually Bill Roper
Starship in High Gear Frank Hayes
Best Humorous Filksong
Calm Down Kathy Mar
Do It Yourself Bill Sutton
It Ain't Easy Being Sauron Bill Maraschiello
A Reconsideration of Anatomical Docking Maneuvers in a Zero-G Environment Diana Gallagher
Stray Dog Man Bill Sutton
Thanks to Cync Brantley for providing us with the Final Ballot information!! She's also provided us with a scan of the Final Ballot!


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