The Pegasus Awards

Planet Called Melody

Bill Roper

Pegasus Nominations

Year Category
1986 Best Filk Song

A Planet Called Melody

Words and Music: ©Bill Roper

I am a lone explorer and I fly a solo ship
Through interstellar darkness on this planet hunting trip.
Passing by a star with a spectrum that was strange
I found what Mother Nature had arranged.

I'm here on a planet that I call Melody,
Waiting for the chorus that comes singing at the dawn,
For the voice of the wind through the music of the leaves
Makes a song that will go on and on.

I stepped out of my ship, for the air was fit to breathe
And gazed upon a landscape that I just could not believe.
Of silicon and metal was the vegetation made.
With every breeze I heard the song they played.


When the sun goes down, all the plants - their leaves then close,
And the song that they were singing goes where once-played music goes.
I've been here four days and I should be moving on,
But I think that I'll just wait for one more dawn.



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