The Pegasus Awards

On The Inside

Renee Alper

Pegasus Nominations

Year Category
1994 Best Filk Song

On The Inside

Copyright ©1992 by Renee Alper All Rights Reserved
Lyrics posted with permission of the author

Virtual Reality can be deceiving
Everything is not as it appears
And only a naive soul could be so believing
To fall in love having only met
On the inside, on the inside

He met her on The Inside, as the network there was called
A lonely man in search of virtual love
The icon body that he'd made was beautiful and tall
'Cause that's the way he felt himself to be
On the inside

Then came the day they had agreed to meet in person
When truth would tell them if their love was real
Each of them was shocked to find a different vision
From the one that they had known
On the inside

He said, "I should have said from the beginning
That I was disabled, in a chair
This worn, bionic heart was bent on romance
And, I must admit, I didn't dare

Then she replied, "I also have a secret
That I should have told you from the start
I also have parts that were created
But more is artificial than my heart

For I am what you might call an 'arty'
An artificial life form and a slave
Created as a sex toy, soft and pretty
Meant to serve my master many ways

But I wanted more from life than serving
I'm more than just a pleasuring device
And so I found my way into the network
I never meant for you to pay the price

I only meant to prove that I'm an equal
To show no one could see through my disguise
And win for all my kind the right of freedom
Which my race is currently denied

I'm sorry that I led you on so blindly
It wasn't my intent to play a game
Finding romance was not my purpose
But I fell in love there just the same

She turned to walk away, her heart was slowly breaking
But he cried, "I don't care what you are
In this world love is a chance we must risk taking
I've loved you where it matters most
On the Inside


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