The Pegasus Awards

The Hunter

Mich Sampson

Pegasus Nominations

Year Category
2008 Best Tragedy Song
2002 Best Chilling/Spine-Tingling  

This is one of my first filk songs, from April 2001. I imagined a rather over-righteous girl who thought she'd spent her life putting ghosts to rest but had actually been responsible for something entirely different... - Mich Sampson

The Hunter

Copyright © April 2001 by Mich Sampson
Lyrics posted with the kind permission of the author

She stood at the platform; her train had rushed by,
She was weary from duty, and too tired to cry,
When a dark and dank steam train drew up by her side,
She didn't think twice but jumped on for the ride.

Well, she may be the Hunter; tonight she's the prey,
Her carelessness cost her on that fateful day,
They were watching her closely as she fought to her seat.
They smiled, "there's the girl that we wanted to meet..."

She looked up in horror - she felt their cold stare
And finally noticed the crowd standing there
She knew all their faces, excuses and pleas
Their visage like shadow, their touch light as breeze. . .

Well, she may be the Hunter, tonight she's the prey
Though once she pursued them, right now she's afraid
They cluster around her like moths to a flame
And stroke her, smile at her -
- Run away! Run away!


She jumped to her feet - but they spoke in tones clear
"Child, we're not here to hurt you, sha'n't harm you, my dear.
We wanted to help you - you won't let yourself see
You're dead, child, and we know how hard that must be."

(faster, gradually more panicked)

"Well, I may be the Hunter, tonight I'm the prey.
They tell me these LIES and I can't get away!
They cluster around me - they want me to pay!
And grasp me, clasp at me - oh!
Run away! Run away!"


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