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Chocolate Is A Vegetable

Graham Leathers

Pegasus Award

Award Year Category
2017 Best Perky Song

Pegasus Nominations

Year Category Sample
2008 Best Comedy Song

Chocolate is a Vegetable

Copyright ©2005 Graham Leathers - All rights reserved
Used by permission

Now all of your life you know you've got to eat your veggies before you get any dessert.
No sweets no cakes no candies or creams or pies or jello you can slurp.
But here's some kind advice to make your dinner nice if your mom won't give you what you prefer.
Just grab a piece of pie and you look her in the eye and this is what you say to her.

Chocolate is a vegetable it comes from a bean that grows on a plant calle a tree.
It lives in the forest with its other tree brothers, yes, chocolate is a vegetable you see.

In the tropical forest there lives a little tree with pods growing out of its trunk.
And in these are the makings of fudge and chocolate cake and the chocolate you can buy in big chunks.
For all your parents' rants these trees are just plants with roots in the soil where they grew.
Radishes and peas are plants like trees so chocolate is a vegetable, too.


If you don't want to meet your dinner with your meat and your milk and your veggies and your cereal grains
Just grab some chocolate cake and you eat for heavens' sake and your mom'll say, "Are you insane?
You'll get rickets you'll be ill you'll be on all kinds of pills your body will be one big ruin. You've got to eat your beans and you've got to eat your greens." You tell her, "What do you think I'm doin'?"

CHORUS, Repeat & out.


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