The Pegasus Awards

Monsters In The Night

Diana Gallagher

Pegasus Award

Award Year Category
1994 Best Children's Song

Monsters In The Night

Copyright © by Diana G. Gallagher- All Rights Reserved
Used by permission

1.  When I wake up alone 
       in the dark without a light,
    There’s a hundred zillion monsters out 
       to get me in the night.
    My mommy says it’s my 
        imagination playin’ tricks.
    But what does she know?  She’s all grown up!
       I know because I’m six!

        There’s an alien in my closet,
           and a ghost behind my door, 
        A spooky something making
           funny noises on the floor,
        Skeletons a’hangin’ and a dragon in my bed....
        So you can’t tell me they’re only
           make-believe inside my head.

2.  Well, aliens have tnetacles
       that wiggle in the dark,
    And dragon skin is scratchy
       and their teeth are made of sparks,
    And fire and smoke and skeletons
       have bones that clank and grind.
    I seen ‘em so I know
       they’re not just ‘magines in my mind.


3.  Well, ghosts are made of nothin’,
       they’re just shadows in the air,
    But because I cannot touch ‘em
       doesn’t mean he isn’t there.
    And all those other creepy things
       I hear but cannot see....
    May not be real to Mommy,
       but they’re awful real to me!


4. When I wake up alone 
      in the dark I’m never scared,
   Even though I know there’s monsters
      all around me every where.
   There’s a funny thing about them
      nasty monsters in the night....
   They go away like magic
      when my mom turns on the light!

Last Chorus:

        No more alien in my closet,
           no ghost behind my door,
        No spooky something making
           funny noises on the floor.
        No skeletons a’hangin’,
           not a dragon left in sight!
        But you can’t tell me they’re make-believe,
           they’re just afraid of light!


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