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Three Days Away

Mike Whitaker

Pegasus Nominations

Year Category
2018 Best Song About Community



Three Days Away

Copyright © by Mike Whitaker
Used by permission - All Rights Reserved

At last now it's Friday - slip out of work early
And rush home to load up our stuff
With guitars and songbooks, then off down the road
Looks like we'll all be there soon enough
As we pull in the car park we're smiling
At friends we've all missed this past year
Hands help us move all our things to our room
Then it's off to the bar for a beer

Give us three days away from the rat-race
With like-minded folk at the con
Give us hugs, give us laughter
That rings to the rafters
And music till just before dawn
Give us guests who are here for the first time
That we feel like we've known all our lives
And let's stand with our friends
As the convention ends
And sing "Sam's Song" with tears in our eyes

New and old faces from near and far places
All gathered here for the con
With laughter and music the whole weekend through
We're all different and yet we belong
Come evening we join in a circle
Make music far into the night
Some of us stay up until break of day
With a song to greet morning's first light


Too soon it's ended, it's Sunday again
All our friends start to pack to head home
Trading addresses and promises: "Yes
And we'll talk to you soon on the phone."
We say our farewells in the lobby
Surrounded by bags and guitars
Just one hug more, we've excuses galore
To put off that walk to the car.



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