The Pegasus Awards


Jen Midkiff

Pegasus Award

Award Year Category

Best Furry Friend Song



Copyright ©2021 by Jennifer Midkiff
Lyrics posted by permission of the author

The Underfoot Clan has an underfoot plan
So you'd better not rattle a pot or a pan
'Cause the cats go high, and the dogs go low
They'll follow you wherever you go
They want to know what you're doin' all the time
They want to go where you're goin' all the time

Now the founder of the Underfoot Clan
Earns his title every day.
If you're on the stairs, well, so is he,
Doesn't care that he's in the way.

Our tortoiseshell cat she's commanding,
She wants to sit in your lap RIGHT NOW,
And when treats are due, she's demanding
Dispensation with a loud "Wa--OW!"


Little dogs have a one-track mind
They'll always tell you what they think.
"I want treats and love and tummy rubs
And the food you left next to the sink!"

The dogs are jealous of everyone
That might get a bit of affection,
To pet a cat or hug your child
Will bring their displeased attention.


They may sound like a gigantic hassle,
But their love is steady and strong.
Wherever I go, upstairs or down,
I won't be alone for long!

If I'm sad, a doggo will notice
And patiently snuggle up tight
They fetch balls and sticks, and the kitties
Make sure we sleep warm at night!


And I miss them. . .
when I'm away. . .
all the time.


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