The Pegasus Awards

2022 Nominees



Best Filk Song
The Entwife Summer Russell
Following Our Dreams Lawrence Dean
I Am I Eva Van Daele-Hunt
Poisoned Apples Don Neill
Spirals In Your Eyes Peter Alway
Best Classic Filk Song
Come Ye Knights Sheila Willis
Crimson & Crystal Cynthia McQuillin
Helva's Song Cecilia Eng
I Am Stardust Lloyd Landa
Storm Dancing Tom Smith
Best Performer
Tim Griffin
Daniel Kelly
Jen Midkiff
Madison "Metricula" Roberts
Via Bella
Best Writer/Composer
Cecilia Eng
Kari Maaren
Cathy McManamon
Ben Newman
Summer Russell
Best Furry Friend Song
A Habitrail Named Klein Blake Hodgetts
Job the Armored Donkey Rhiannon's Lark
Meownir Madison "Metricula" Roberts
Nobody's Moggy Lands Bob Kanefsky
Underfoot Jen Midkiff
Best Song That Tells A Story
Alien Jellyfish Song Chris Conway
Before the Dawn Mike Whitaker
Colin Steve Macdonald
Nine hundred and ninety-nine Mich Sampson / Marilisa Valtazanou
Scarlet Town Cathy McManamon


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