The Pegasus Awards

The Entwife

Summer Russell

Pegasus Awards

Award Year Category
2022 Best Filk Song


The Entwife

Words and Music: Copyright © by Summer Russell
All Rights Reserved
Lyrics posted with permission of the author

Oh come and see, we gladly cried!
The woods awake, the day alive,
The sun was dappled on the vine
And we our roots
And branches all entwined.

And love grew wild as roses
Shouting scarlet summer songs,
And we went crowned with leaves of gold
And robed with grasses long,
To make our vows among the boughs
When we were young and strong.

Oh come away! From distant lands,
The whispering of the river ran
Where far beyond the farthest stand
I heard the earth
Call out to ask my hand.

And love must go where seeds are sown,
So life begins anew
And I alone must take the road
As I am meant to do
Though leaves will turn and embers burn,
Still I remember you.

You come to me in dreaming time
When tree and flower are pale with rime,
The winter-silver stars align
In forms unknown
Above my restless mind.

But love is true, and ever through the night
Her watch is kept
With memories of the willows
Where the wind once wept,
Until the hour we wake to find
That we have only slept.

I'll come to thee in splendor rare
When dew is on the maidenhair,
When spring at last is born again
Then every knee
Of every heart will bend

For love that blooms eternal
In the rooms of green and shade,
The altar of the morning
Where our wordless song was prayed
All clothed in light, as fair and bright
As when we first were made.


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