The Pegasus Awards

Cathy McManamon IF


Pegasus Awards

Award Year Category Collaboration
Pegasus graphic 2018 Random Fractions Best Performer

Pegasus Nominations

Year Category Collaboration Song Sample
2023 Best Science Song   Water  
2022 Best Song That Tells A Story   Scarlet Town  
2022 Best Writer/Composer    
2020 Best Filk Song   Water  
2020 Best Writer/Composer    
2019 Best Filk Song   Water  
2018 Best Writer/Composer      
2017 Best Filk Song   Scarlet Town  
2017 Best Writer/Composer      
2016 Best Performer Three Fifths    
2015 Best Performer Three Fifths    
2014 Best Song of Passage   Scarlet Town  
2014 Best Performer Toyboat    

Cathy McManamon has written music for 50 years (though thankfully she won't share any of the REALLY early ones) and sidetracked through church music and classroom music education before getting back to writing and performing her own music. Mostly recognized with her Ovation guitar, she also plays drums & other percussion, wind instruments, and has dabbled with keyboard, pedal organ (her first instrument), bowed psaltery, harp, chimes, and boomwhackers. She has been playing solo and in collaboration with other musicians since she left teaching in 2003, including the groups Tragic Hair Shadow (an Indigo Girls cover duo), Merry Meet (a faery-based vocal group), Pegasus winner Random Fractions (with Jason Neerenberg and Daniel Gunderson), who left the trio in 2019), and she recently retired from playing drums with repeat Pegasus nominee hard rock/filk band Toyboat. Cathy occasionally works with Canticles Productions as a studio musician and arranger, runs a regular drum circle in Chicago, and has appeared on quite a few friend's albums playing guitar, percussion, wind instruments, and doing harmony vocals. She has released 11 albums of solo and collaborative/band work, including several instrumental albums ranging from winter holiday compositions to themed soundscapes to soundtrack-worthy, Arthurian & Avalon novel-inspired pieces. Cathy headed the music track at Windycon for five years and at two Capricons, and continues to offer workshops on music and other topics at multiple sci-fi and music conventions. She also LOVES being on the road, which is where she finds much inspiration for her songwriting.



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