The Pegasus Awards

Daniel Gunderson IF


Pegasus Awards

Award Year Category Collaboration
Pegasus graphic 2018 Random Fractions Best Performer

Pegasus Nominations

Year Category Collaboration
2016 Best Performer Three Fifths
2015 Best Performer Three Fifths
2014 Best Performer Toyboat
2011 Best Performer Toyboat
2010 Best Performer Toyboat

gundo (aka Daniel Gunderson) came into filk sideways in the early part
of the century, bringing years of folk and classic rock experience with him. Early on, he foolishly said "Why not?" to Eric Coleman and Toyboat was born. Within Toyboat, he established himself as a fronting utilityman, and from time to time he takes the stage with his classic-rock-as-folk side-band Howlin' Beagle.

If it has strings, keys, or can be hit, gundo will play it, sometimes with very little notice either of the song, the key, or, indeed, the performance itself. In recent years gundo has shifted from guitar and mandolin to playing piano and Hammond in the Pegasus-nominated Random Fractions. He can also be found on stages throughout North America backing up various filk luminaries, surrounded by multiple instruments and pleading for an accurate set list.


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