The Pegasus Awards


Rand Bellavia and Adam English

Pegasus Nominations

Year Category
1997 Best Science Song
Math appears on Ookla the Mok: The Rand and Adam Tape and on Ookla the Mok: Sucking Out Loud (a live version).


Copyright ©1993 Urko Aldo music
words by Rand Bellavia and Adam L. English
music by Adam L. English and Rand Bellavia
Lyrics posted by permission of the authors

An ant crawls at a rate of one foot per minute on a rubber band
The band is one yard long and stretched at a rate of one yard per minute
If the ant begins at one end of the band will it ever reach the other end?
If so, how long will it take the ant?
Will it make it if the band has a two yard lead?

Billy goes to school will fifteen quarters in each hand
One third pays for his lunch but then another fifth pays for a field trip
Billy saves half of the rest but then gives the other half away to his only friend
How much did Billy save and if he buys his lunch tomorrow how much more will he need?


A train leaves from Chicago travelling South at ten miles an hour
Another train heads North at twice the speed but fifty miles away
If the trains both leave at noon then at one time and at what place will the trains collide?
Extra credit: Tell how far each train ran give your answer in miles to the nearest tenth

A ball is thrown at sixteen feet per second from a water tower
The tower's perpendicular to the ground and ninety-six feet high
Find the height of the ball after half a second
What's the speed of the ball when the ground breaks its stride?
How long will it take the ball to fall?
How deep in the ground will it make a dent?

A + C = D - A
2A + C = D

How many roads must a man walk down before his journey is complete
Given: That he wants to walk twenty-seven miles and each road that he walks is 4000 feet
Please round your answer to the nearest tenth and show all your work on a separate sheet
The answer my friend is 17.4
The answer is 17.4 roads


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