The Pegasus Awards

Brenda Sinclair Sutton, DI SAM HoF


Pegasus Awards

Award Year Category Collaboration Song
2002 Best Performer w/ Three Weird Sisters  
2002 Best Chilling/Spine-Tingling   In A Gown Too Blue
2001 Best Filk Song   Strangers No More

Pegasus Nominations

Year Category Song
2001 Best Writer/Composer  
1990 Best Writer/Composer  
1989 Best Techie Song In The Blood (Flying Machine)

Brenda Sutton is a Navy brat, mother of five, wife of Bill Sutton, bodhranista/guitarist/vocalist with Three Weird Sisters and Year and a Day, publicity director for GAFilk, and the webmistress for,,, and Her first sf convention was the 1984 L.A. Worldcon where she stumbled accidentally upon the filk. She's been writing and performing filk ever since. Bill and Brenda met at Bayfilk II and married at OVFF in 1988. Brenda helps run a little filk con in Atlanta every January called GAFilk, and devotes her remaining time to writing fiction and the Oak Spring Nature Preserve and Covenstead in Decatur, GA (

Brenda's website is at


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