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Three Weird Sisters


Pegasus Awards

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2002 Best Performer
Three Weird Sisters is a trio comprised of Gwen Knighton, Teresa Powell, and Brenda Sutton.

Three Weird Sisters, like so many other wonderful things, arrived at itself through a series of fortuitous accidents. Once upon a time, Bill and Brenda Sutton started a band with some friends of theirs called Year and A Day. Eventually, the band included Bill, Brenda, Teresa Gibson, George Powell, and Gwen Knighton. One evening, the women of Year and a Day decided they'd get together sometime the following week to work on more interesting vocal arrangements for the band.

However, the first time they got together, Brenda also brought along a couple of things she said she wanted to work out with "just the girls." It turned out that Teresa had some ideas for songs that three women could really put their own spin on, and so did Gwen. Those weekly vocal meetings kept happening, and eventually Brenda, Teresa, and Gwen were spending far more time working on trio arrangements and their own material than on vocals for Year and a Day.

Teresa came up with the name, Three Weird Sisters, and it just seemed right.

It was a long, strange trip. And yes, they really are weird. But nobody minds too much.

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