The Pegasus Awards

2001 Nominees

Best Filk Song
Con Spent In A Circle Rob Wynne
A Simple Country Doctor Matt Leger
Starsoul Roger Burton-West and Jodi Krangle
Strangers No More Brenda Sutton
Velvet Talis Kimberley
Best Performer
Echo's Children
Talis Kimberley
Hopeful Romantics
Kathy Mar
Best Writer/Composer
Terence Chua
Talis Kimberley
Matt Leger
Brenda Sutton
Dave Weingart
Best Computer Song
404: Not Found Dave Weingart and Tom Smith
Heart of the Apple Lisa Jordin Kare and Fred Small
Tech Support Jeff Hitchin
Threes Rev. 1.1 Duane Elms and Leslie Fish
Vampire Megabite Steve Savitzky
Best Creature Song
Least of My Kind Cat Faber
Little Fuzzy Animals Frank Hayes
Nessie Come Up Dr. Jane Robinson
Stray Dog Man Bill Sutton
Wendigoes Terence Chua


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