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Phil Mills



Pegasus Nominations

Year Category Song
2016 Best Adapted Song Tea At Four
2014 Best Writer/Composer  
2013 Best Writer/Composer  
2011 Best Writer/Composer  

Phil Mills lives in Toronto, Canada. After being an infrequent filk listener for a couple of years, he attended FilKONtario in 2004 and wrote his first song as an entry for its song contest. That entry was scratched when he learned that writing was not enough…he was also expected to perform it. That would never do for someone who could experience stage fright simply by imagining the existence of one!

By summer of that year, things had changed and he and his wife, Jane Garthson, were attending house filks in the area and quickly became almost impossible to stop. At that point, he also started writing songs regularly, which has turned out to be equally difficult to prevent. Phil's songs, as a group, cover both serious and funny subjects and individual songs may be hard to categorize even using that simple axis Phil released the CD Rain on the Sand in 2009, containing all original songs and has followed it up with the digital album, Mix Until Absurd, released in 2014.

Details of Mix Until Absurd can be found at:
Somewhat out-of-date details about other music can be found at:

He has become an avid promoter of the FAWM and 50/90 online song-writing communities, using those as inspiration sources for yet more songs.

Outside of music, his main work and play interests include cats, computers, cameras, gardening, and just about anything that can eventually be turned into a filk song.


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