The Pegasus Awards

Sex and Chocolate

Jodi Krangle and Debbie Ridpath Ohi

Pegasus Nominations

Year Category
2006 Best Torch Song

Sex and Chocolate

Words © by Debbie Ridpath Ohi
Music © by Jodi Krangle
Used by permission of the authors

Great Auntie Moira was my favourite aunt
She painted her cheekbones bright blue
She skiied and she danced and she ate raw eggplants
and played Beatles tunes on the kazoo.

Great Auntie Moira was many years old
A hundred and five, she agreed
When asked to divulge how to live a long life, she said,
"There are only two things that you need."

Sex and chocolate...what a lovely pair!
Eating chocolate truffles in your underwear
Sex and chocolate...go hand in hand
They're the things that make life so grand.

The best things in life are forbidden
and often have some attached strings
Julie Andrews showed she missed out in a big way
When she sang "My Favourite Things." (cuz she never mentioned...)


Greatie Auntie Moira has left this earth
but hasn't left loved ones alone
She willed them a collection of her exotic toys
and ten pounds of sweet Toblerone.

Sex and chocolate are addictive, both are sweet
Both inspire guilt and get you off your feet
They're wonderful when you just want to unwind
And both are the best when they're combined!



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