The Pegasus Awards

Perky Goth

W. Randy Hoffman

Pegasus Nominations

Year Category Sample
2017 Best Perky Song

Perky Goth

Lyrics and music 2001 by W. Randy Hoffman- All Rights Reserved
Lyrics posted with permission of the Author

You’re...the...spunky girl of my nightmares, the woman of my fears
You’ll greet the blighting of the world by leading the pep-rally cheers
You listen to heavy industrial thrash with Powerpuff balls in your ears
Perky Goth (Perky Goth)...oh how I love you

You have a really good time hanging out with the angst-puppy ilk
You tattoo my eyelids so sweetly, then feed me cookies and milk
You bewail the loss of the ozone in a cheery voice like silk
Perky Goth (Perky Goth)...oh how I love you

I want to be close to you in the hour of doom (doom doom)
So I can drink in your aura of giddy gloom (gloom gloom)
Your parents think this is just a phase, and I suspect they’re right
You’re just not like the rest of us, howling out here in the night (ah-woo-oo)

You look so blissful and blasted in that tattered old black dress
You kiss me with your black lipstick on and stifle all my breath
You paint a yellow smiley face on your black Tongue Stud of Death
Perky Goth (Perky Goth)...oh how I love you

You rail against authority in ways that are safe and approved
You struggle over the problem of how to look both pert and bruised
You sleep with a blood-soaked vampire teddy bear ’cause he’s so gosh-darn cute
Perky Goth (Perky Goth)...oh how I love you

I want to be there when the daylight you merrily crush (crush crush)
’Cause your midnight miasma just melts me right into mush (mush mush)
If I had only you in a dank dark cave, there’s nothing I’d say that I missed
If I could only be sure you’re dimly aware that I exist (ah-woo-oo)

You flit through the crowd like a poison dart; are you looking my way?
Do you see me as a devoted slave who longs for your ghastly embrace
Or just as another trench-coated dork with fake fangs and a powdered face?
Perky Goth (Perky Goth)...say that you love me
Anyways...anyways...anywa-a-a-ays (ah-woo-oo-oo)




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