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Earth That Was

Cecilia Eng

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2021 Best Filk Song mp3


Earth That Was

Words and Music: Copyright ©2007 by Cecilia Eng
All Rights Reserved
Lyrics posted with permission of the author

based on Joss Whedon's "Serenity - The Movie"

Earth That Was, Earth That Was,
Though we live so far away.
Earth That Was, Earth That Was,
We remember thee today!

Too many souls upon the earth -
There was nothing left to give
So we took ship and left to find
A star where we could live.
But though our star has planets fine
And moons most fair to roam,
Once each Earth year we celebrate
The place we once called home. CHORUS

And children who were born and raised
And died along the way
Still honored Earth's old calendar
To number all their days.
For every planet, every moon
Has seasons of their own
But standard time belongs to Earth
No matter where we've flown. CHORUS

Though we take pride in every stride
That keeps us hale and free,
Each day we fight to carve a place
To raise a family.
But each moon that we terraform
To make oceans, air and streams
Is merely one more echo of
The place we see in dreams. CHORUS

Now cultures from our distant past
Have here begun to blend.
We hope for peace, surviving war
And now must learn to mend.
For though the war was bitter,
We must bind our wounds and pause.
On this one day we'll stop to say
We remember Earth That Was! CHORUS

We remember thee today!


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