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Clam Chowder


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2003 Best Performer

Clam Chowder is an east coast folk/filk band comprised of Bob Esty, John Huff, Cliff Laufer, and Kathy Sobansky. Check out their website at

From their website:

Clam Chowder started out as two friends playing together at the Maryland Renaissance Festival back in 1977. We liked it. It got bigger, By the spring of 1978, we were up to five people, had chosen (for reasons best known to ourselves) our name, and had, more or less, decided on the types of music we wanted to do. We gradually nailed down those music types to almost anything that lent itself to four or five part harmony (close, opulent, LUSCIOUS harmony!) [Quote from an admired fellow musician; "harmony tighter than a crab's ass." This resulted in Clam Chowder's ruling dictum; "The price of crabass harmony is eternal vigilance."]

Early on, we were discovered by science fiction fandom. Why? Ask them! We don't have a clue! Possibly it had something to do with the fact that we could often be discovered at East Coast science fiction conventions playing in the hallways surrounded by instruments and empty beer cans. They loved us. We loved them. What's not to like? This resulted in invitations to sci-fi conventions large and small for many years. We also began crashing local folk festivals until they finally got so tired of us recognized our talent (or the fact that we weren't going away) and invited us in. We also went through a short span of insanity playing at local Irish bars (Yes, we played Matt Kane's and lived!!!) until a combination of good taste, real life, and exhaustion set in.


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