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Silva Loewenthal IF



Pegasus Nominations

Year Category Collaboration
2023 Best Performer Loewenthal


Silva Loewenthal wrote her first songs when she was 7 years old - and thought everyone did. Strange, actually, because she's basically a Muggle-born girl when it comes to music.

Silva rediscovered her musical talent at the age of 13 and realized that she could only fulfill her dream of being in a band if she learned to play an instrument first. With the help of a guitar rescued from the attic and some self-help materials, she resolutely put this into practice. At that time she had no idea that singing would one day become her main instrument. Since the instructor also sang on the accompanying CD of those self-help materials, she thought that this was the way it should be. Eventually she took actual singing lessons.

Eventually she had more serious project with another songwriter for many years, who encouraged her to continue with her singing.

Eventually she met Peredar and Thesilée, who under the guise of wanting to attend authors' evenings, took her into the fantasy-coloured and star-spangled world of filk. And so her fate was sealed




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