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2017 Brainstorming Poll: Best Writer/Composer Ideas

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We solicited the opinions of filkers all over the world to compile these lists. By definition, a brainstorm is a way of generating a lot of ideas. It is important at this phase to note that what is sought is every single idea, regardless of its eligibility or accuracy.

While we do try to correct spelling and filter out ineligible artists; but there is no guarantee that all the artists listed here are actually eligible. At the end of the day, these are the ideas as they were given to us by the community at large. Should you find something we missed, please feel free to email us at pegasus at ovff dot org with any corrections.

Abbey, Brooke
Adams, Alexander James
Allcock, Phil
Alway, Peter
Bellavia, Erin Nappe
Bellavia, Rand
Bellavia, Rand / English, Adam
Bernstein, Mark
Blibbering Humdingers
Bohnhoff, Jeff & Maya
Cawley, Piers
Cheshire Moon
Chiffon, Blind Lemming
Cinii, Ariel
Coleman, Eric
Conway, Chris
Crowe, Lizzie
Dale, Heather
Dean, Lawrence
Distad, Eric
Ehrlich, Gary
Elumir, Errol
Garthson, Jane
Goodie, Steve
Hanak, Gary
Hayes, Frank
Hayman, Judith
Hodgetts, Blake
Honisch, Ju
Honisch, Ju / Droege-Macdonald, Katy
Hudson, Leslie
Ilisch, Maya (Thesilee)
Jacques, Shawna
James, Rhodri
Jeffers, Tom
Kanefsky, Bob
Kare, Jordin
Knighton-Raftery, Gwen
Krangle, Jodi
Leger, Matt
Linsley, Karen
Longcor, Michael
Machat, Sib
McConnell, Katt
McGath, Gary
McGuire, Seanan
McManamon, Cathy
Melanson, Devin
Mills, Phil
Mitchell, Jackie
Neely, Erica
Newman, Benjamin
Nyrond, Zander
Ohi, Debbie
Palmer, Ada
Rockwell, Tom "Devo Spice"
Rogow, Roberta
Roper, Bill
Ross, Andrew
Russell, Summer
Sampson, Mich
Savitzky, Steve
Sloan, Kathleen
Smith, Tom
Snyder, Scott
Stone Dragons
Sutton, Bill
Sutton, Brenda
Tinney, Betsy
Tucker, S. J.
Ulbrich, Carla
Urban Tapestry
Valtazanou, Marilisa
Van Daele-Hunt, Eva
Vixy & Tony
Walker, Tim & Annie
Weingart, Dave
Whitaker, Mike
Wittenberg, Batya
Wolf, Crystal



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