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Kjenjo Loewenthal IF



Pegasus Nominations

Year Category Collaboration
2023 Best Performer Loewenthal


Kjenjo Loewenthal was raised with parents who met in a classical choir. As he was growing up, piano or flute music resounded almost continuously through the house. This meant that basically, for him, there were only two possibilities: Go crazy or become a musician. Kjenjo has managed both.

Kjenjo's mother was a flute teacher - and so Kjenjo received flute lessons from childhood on (certainly completely voluntarily). His mother was very surprised when she found out after 5 years that he still couldn't read music - he just played everything by heart.

His flute instructions and one year of guitar lessons paved the way for a career as a singer and bodhrán player. Well, he plays a little bit of guitar too, fortunately the lessons didn't get rid of that. Encouraged by this, he completed an education in stage chatter with the vegetarian band Cha Feóil. He attended his first filk convention in 2001 where he met Silva, and hasn't looked back since.



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