The Pegasus Awards

Dryad's Promise

Betsy Tinney

Pegasus Award

Award Year Category
2013 Best Fairytale Song

The Dryad's Promise

Copyright ©by Betsy Tinney - All Rights Reserved
Used by Permission

The ghost of a dryad haunts an old wooden schooner
She clings to the mainmast like mist in the trees
Mourning his death after so many years
She weaves her grief into the breeze

Blow, you ocean wind, blow
Blow this ship back to the forested shore
For these foamy green hills are but saltwater desert
And I yearn to see woodland once more

And sometimes at full moon, the sailors can see her
Her misty grey figure glides silently past
But when the storms howl, you can hear her heart weeping
And see her blue glow round the mast

Blow, you ocean storm, blow
Blow this ship back to the forested shore
For your wet whipping winds bring no life to my lost love
And I yearn to see woodland once more

Warm summer breezes remind Pitys' daughter
Of seasons and centuries spent merged with her pine
When sap of his heartwood ran warm with her laughter
Her voice in his branches entwined

Grow, sweet conifer, grow
Reach for the sun, leave the green earth behind
For whatever happens, my tallest of princes
I never shall leave my white pine.

On the deck of the schooner, surrounded by ocean
The towering mast stands, so lifeless yet strong
And the ghost of the dryad, cool shade in his shadow
Renews her promise alone

Blow, you summer breeze, blow
You help me remember why I stay behind
Though alone and adrift on this great leafless ocean
I still cannot leave my white pine --
No, I never will leave my white pine.


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