The Pegasus Awards

The Phoenix

Julia Ecklar

Pegasus Award

Award Year Category
Pegasus 2011 Best Classic Filk Song


The Phoenix

Copyright ©1983 by Julia Ecklar- All Rights Reserved
Used by Permission

In a tower of flame in Capsule Twelve, I was there.
I know not where they laid my bones; it could be anywhere.
But when fire and smoke had faded, the darkness left my sight,
And I found my soul in a spaceship's soul riding home on a trail of light.

And my wings are made of tungsten,
My flesh of glass and steel.
I am the joy of Terra for the power that I wield.
Once upon a lifetime,
I died a pioneer;
Now I sing within a spaceship's heart
Does anybody hear?

Before each morning's launch, they know that I am there.
To the soul that warms this vessel's hull they say a silent prayer.
I am father, ship, and spirit of the dream for which they strive,
For I am man at the hands of man. See us rocket for the sky!


My thunder rends the morning sky. Yes, I am here!
'Though lost to flame when I was man, now I ride her without fear.
For I am more than man now, and man built me with pride.
Oh, I led the way and I lead the way of man's future in the sky!






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