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Rand Bellavia and Adam English

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2013 Best Alien Song


Copyright © by Randam music
words by Rand Bellavia and Adam L. English
music by Adam L. English and Rand Bellavia
Lyrics posted by permission of the authors

Adam: We were doing Mok 1 in the Ookla-mobile
Luis: And Rand was at the wheel
Rand: With gear and clothes and Adam crammed against the windshield

Adam: We were gonna filk until the break of dawn
Luis: We're going to the con
Rand: Luis Tomas Garcia had his Sandman T-shirt on

Adam: Rand was driving I was playing my guitar
Luis: And I was in the car
Rand: And then we stopped
Adam: And that's when Rand said,
Rand: "I don't know where we are"

Adam: I was trying to get the map unfolded when I heard a sound
Luis: I looked around
Rand: And then I noticed that the car was lifted off the ground

What was going on how were we floating through the air?
Maybe it has to do with that flying saucer over there?

A: Hold on this might not be as bad as it seems
L: What do you mean?
R: We'll miss the con!
L: What are you on?
R: We're in a tractor beam!

R: Luis looked down and marveled at the endless rows of corn
L: "That's a lot of corn!"
A: And Rand beaped out the rhythm the theme of Close Encounters on the horn

R: Adam was trying to teach his fingers what to do
L: "Na noo! Na noo!"
A: As we docked aboard what appeared to be an interstellar zoo

R: I turned the car off and we timidly disembarked
L: "We're double parked!"
A: Gaping bewilderedly around this cosmic Noah's Ark

R: And that's when Adam walked away without a glance
L: I peed my pants
A: I couldn't help it I was in some kind of weird hypnotic trance

A: I woke up in a room with candles lit and muzak on
A: I was lying on a bed with nothing but my tube socks on
A: I saw a shapely silhouette in the door
L: She was a ten!
R: An alien!
A: I was stiffer than Al Gore

A: We didn't have a common culture or a common tongue
A: We didn't have a thing in common as I've already sung
A: We didn't have an ounce of mutual respect

But we had sex
We had sex
We had sex

R: And then a hooded stranger took me by the hand
L: "Don't leave me Rand!"
A: But Rand just followed knowing that Luis would understand

R: She asked me if I wanted latte or Darjeeling tea
L: "I'm thirsty!"
A: They quickly saw they had compatible personalities

R: We had the same opinions we shared the same philosophy
R: We had the same Snoopy lunchbox we watched the same shows on TV
R: We both liked movies with cheap special effects

But we did not have sex
We did not have sex
No sex
We did not have sex

A: With Rand and Adam gone Luis was all alone
L: "E.T. phone home!"
R: He was in the dark and all he could hear was Adam moan

A: Things were looking grim for the drummer of Ookla the Mok
L: "Help me Spock!"
R" Next thing he knew Luis was on all fours stripped to his jock

L: I was more scared than I had ever been in all my life
L: I didn't want to spend the next forty years as E.T.'s wife
A: Well maybe this isn't quite as bad as it seems...
L: At least yours was a female!

And they had sex
They had sex
They had sex

A: It ended just as quickly as it had begun
L: You mean YOU'RE done
R: It was more confusing than the ending of 2001

A: I had a good time
R: And I gained a friend
L: It was a bad joke but I got it in the end


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