A line drawing of a pegasus in flightWe are still developing this year’s slate of workshops. Check back in late summer or early fall for more information.

The menu of workshops in past years have included workshops on improving instrumental skills, singing skills (choral & individual voice), performance, song writing (melodic & lyric), Chamberfilk, jamming and electronic songbooks.

Workshops that we have had in the past:

Song Writing Workshops

Recent workshop have included “Song Writing Theory”, “Understanding Melodic Structure”, “Lyric Writing”, “Music Theory Tricks for Songwriters”, “Anatomy of A Parody”, and “Reverse Engineering a Song”.

Performance Workshops

Past performance workshops have included such topics as “Using Relaxation Improve Performance”, “Gaining Confidence Performing”, “Overcoming Stagefright”, “How to Make an Audience Like You (Whether You Can Sing OR Not)”, and Juried One-Shots.

Instrument Workshops

These workshops tend to concentrate on guitar technique, though we have held workshops on other instruments such as harp, drums, mountain dulcimer, the mini moog synthesizer, and even harmonica.

Recent workshops have covered “Cheat Chords & Tricky Fingering”, “Fingerpicking Guitar”, “Beginning Guitar”, “How to Select the Right Guitar”, “The Care and Feeding of Your Instrument”, “DADGAD Guitar” and “So You Wanna Be A Rock ‘N Roll Star”..

Other musical technique workshops not focused on a single instrument have included “How to Jam”, “Blues”, “Melodic Accompaniment”, “Instrumental Improvisation”, and “You’ve Got Rhythm”.

Singing Workshops

These workshops have included “Improvising Vocal Harmony”, “Beginning Voice”, and “Choral Singing”.


In recent years, OVFF has hosted a yoga session each mornings to help those interested limber up and relax before a long day of dodging puns, reaching for high notes, and other strenuous activity. It is likely that this year will be no exception.